Common questions
What is an architectural system?

An architectural system is a complex combination of various profiles, accessories, gaskets, hardware and other features, which have been designed and developed in such a manner that, together, enable the completion of complex window, facade and other types of constructions.

What is a "thermal bridge"?

A thermal bridge is the connection between the side of the profile exposed to atmospheric influences, and the internal part, situated in the premises. For systems without a broken thermal bridge, the influence of atmospheric conditions is very high. To ensure insulation, thermal break systems are used.

How do you break the thermal bridge?

The thermal break plays a huge role in relation to the thermal insulation properties of each profile system. For opening systems and sliding systems, the break is achieved using polyamide insulators, which separate the profile into two halves – one external and one internal.

What is meant by statics?

Statics is one of the factors that influence the longevity of the operation of your windows, doors, facades, etc. the most. Correctly calculated statics will mean that, over the years, the system will be able to withstand not only its own weight, but also atmospheric conditions such as wind, snow, etc.

How are the profiles painted?

At ЕТЕМ, we use electrostatic powder coating to paint the profiles. Powder coating is applied on the pre-treated surface, which is then heated up to 180-220 degrees (depending on the type of coating), which results in a very even, dense and durable layer being applied. Additionally, ЕТЕМ offers wooden décor finishes using sublimation technology, as well as electrostatic oxidation (anodization).

Opening Systems
What kinds of aluminium opening systems do you offer?

ETEM features a rich diversity of opening systems including various solutions all of which meet the needed requirements in terms of quality, insulating properties, stability and other elements considering the aesthetics and design. System E1000 offers reliable solutions for interior doors and glazing. Systems E40, as well as E45, are immensely popular in Bulgaria thermal break which is certainly not a coincidence. Truly abundant in notions, such as statics, design as well as reliable exploitation, these systems have become leaders and preferred solutions for many offices and homes.
System Е75 is, however, the one that offers the highest class of thermal insulation, structural stability as it also meets the highest requirements on the Bulgarian and West-European market.

How do I pick a system that matches my needs perfectly?

The wide range of solutions is made up by various needs of each individual project. Each building has its own specifics which need to be taken into consideration when choosing the system. Do not hesitate to seek our assistance in that relation.

What colors do you offer?

ETEM provides the full range of RAL colors, different wood decors featuring the sublimation technology alongside the high-quality Anodization. All finishes come with guaranteed quality as they are certified according to QualiCoat, QualiDeco, and QualAnod.

Sliding systems
What are the advantages?

What are the advantages?
Their major advantages are displayed in the easy exploitation taking up no additional space the moment they’re open. Besides, it provides the opportunity of performing a high range of “opening positions”. Fundamentally, they are the perfect solution for homes, office premises, restaurants, pools, etc.

What is “lift&slide”?

Lift&slide is a technical solution in the suspension systems based on a special opening mechanism which contributes to improving the insulation in a closed position through an advanced sealing between sashes and rails.
Another great advantage of the lift&slide mechanism is the possibility to execute sashes with weight limit is up to 400 kg. Thus, openings with very big dimensions can be easily realized and multi-layer glazing of fine insulating properties and structural stability can be provided as well.

Which of these solutions is good for me?

The system choice is somewhat dependent on the sliding purpose, more or less. Do not hesitate to contact our team to help you out with that.

Façade systems
What are their advantages?

The façade systems provide the opportunity for glazing larger areas and in the meantime, they let the maximum quantity of daylight in thanks to the small and visible width of the profiles. Moreover, this type of systems boosts the performance of more complex and geometry-like constructions, roof glazing, etc. contributing to a better design of the building.

What are they used for?

Practically, these façade systems can be used for many purposes and projects, such as summerhouses, office premises, private houses, stores, pools, showrooms, hotels, major tower projects, multistory administrative buildings, malls, etc.

What is PVC hardware anyway?

It’s designed for a certain type of channel on the profiles. It stands out from the rest with its affordable price and multiple locking points.

What’s the difference between the Side hung and Tilt&Turn mechanism?

The Side hung is used for opening a vertical axis whereas the Tilt&Turn one can be used for opening either on a vertical or on a lower axis.

What’s the role of the additional insulatior?

It’s accountable for improving the thermal insulation properties of the window.

Why are there special hinges for flat door?

We’ve got them since the doorframe and wing are on the same level, so to say.

Why are the vulcanized corners placed in the “openable elements”?

The role of the vulcanized corners is to prevent the water from running towards the inside section of the window.