May 25, 2017

The 4th ETEM’S International Conference on Façade Engineering IS ON ITS WAY!

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The upcoming ETEM’S International Conference on Façade Engineering is due on October 21, 2017. Every other year the forum gathers remarkable figures in the field of architecture who present the latest trends in façade engineering, brand-new ideas, concepts as well as reliable methods for development of the urban environment and contemporary building technologies.

The event managed to become a global forum for worldwide specialists. As an example of a truly significant factor is the expert report of many international lectors presenting their work alongside other conceptual engineering solutions while flaring up the audience with charisma and inspiration. In the meantime, the conference gives rise to sharing ideas and experience with one another.

During the 3rd Façade Conference back in 2015, keynote speakers were Kas Oosterhuis, a co-founder of Oosterhuis_Lénárd studio, Tobias Wallisser, a founder of LAVA and, Thorsten Helbig representing the Knnipers Helbig Advanced Engineering.  

The latest professional forum in Sofia has gathered more than 400 guests belonging to the building field as well as many other institutional representatives and architects.
The upcoming international conference promises to bring recognizable names from the architecture and façade engineering together. The organizer of the event has taken good care of the dynamic program as it’s now filled with inspiring presentations, sessions, and an opportunity for networking and communication. This year’s event features world-known experts from various industries who promise to give us a fresh viewpoint on the latest trends and design innovations.

Engineer Mathieu Meur, a Technical Director at the DP Architects Studio, Singapore is bound to present the latest trends in the façade engineering in the context of the sustainable design.

Mr. Meur has participated in the ongoing Dubai Mall project as its total area makes it the biggest mall in the world and the most significant DP Architects construction by far. The immense shopping center that spans over 550,000 square meters is basically like a “town built within another town”. Also, it offers a wide variety of shopping alternatives as well as many options for repose, and leisure. In 2013 it managed to become the most visited tourist spot on the planet with more than 75 million visitors in total. As for the DP Architects studio, it’s actually an architectural bureau which is referred to as a leader in the construction of such gigantic projects featuring a sustainable design with a detailed attention towards the surroundings.
The latest projects of the company are indeed ones of an immense scale as the mixed-use housing complex in Singapore “Resorts World Sentosa” is an important part of them. This complex consists of five hotels and a bunch of other entertainment centers alongside a series of about 30 retail mall projects based in Singapore “Orchard Road”, being transformed into “commercial corridors” gathering more than 7 million visitors on an annual base.

Steen Andersen representing the Henning Larsen Architects has also confirmed his appearance at the upcoming conference. With his broad technical expertise in the glass building structures as well as the complex façade solutions, he has designed unique buildings using Quasi-bricks to build the Concert Hall and conference center “Nagra” in Reykjavik. The Henning Larsen Architects are quite famous for their cultural and educational projects. Apart from the Concert Hall “Harp” in Reykjavik, the studio team projected The Copenhagen Opera opera as well. Presently, Henning Larsen architects have been working on other essential and cultural projects, such as The National Museum in Östersund, Sweden and the Hangzhou Opera House in China.

Architect Andrea D'Antrassi is going to present the working experience gained at the Chinese architectural giant MAD Architects. Founded by the Chinese architect named Ma Yansong back in 2004, MAD Architects is indeed a globalized architectural company which is focused on developing futuristic, organic and technologically advanced designs impersonating the present-day interpretations of the Eastern affinity of nature. The skyscraper Absolute Tower in Mississauga, Canada exemplifies some of the most memorable studio projects. Back in 2014, MAD landed the project of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago as this happened to be the first Chinese architectural company that has built such a gigantic cultural construction beyond the national borders.

Architect Vladimir Marinov is bound to present the future of the façade solutions and searches of new shapes, visuals, and materials needed for the creation of a harmonic design and a comfortable urban environment. Marinov has been a part of the ARUP group for a couple of years now as it brings professionals from different disciplines together into a unique globalized world. As for ARUP, it’s famous for its role in the projection of the first British railway system High Speed 1 aka Rail Link Tunnel Channel.

Many other noteworthy names from the Bulgarian architectural niche have also been invited by the organizer as Architect Angel Zahariev - the founder of the leading Bulgarian architectural studio A & A architects- is a recognizable example of them. Also, they have been working on essential projects in the spatial or architectural sense of the word in Sofia, Bulgaria, such as Capital Fort, Sky Fortetc.

Architect Radomir Serafimov is also bound to speak at the conference as an expert with more than a 20-year experience in the architectural design. One of his latest projects is the multifunctional building named “Blue offices” in Sofia which certainly stands out given the architectural environment in Sofia. All in all, it features simple forms, a mirror surface of the facades as well as a delicate sculpture of the details.

BMW Bulgaria, Elval Color, Inver and Ursa are the official co-partners of the Event 2017.

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