February 4, 2017

ETEM taking part in the first building developed using shipping containers in Sofia

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ETEM has joined the charity project of the Domus foundation and the architectural studios PAM Consult and Contraster, providing materials for the development of the first building of its kind in the city, constructed using shipping containers. Its designation is to be used as school hostel for the 153rd Specialized Sports School “Neophyte Rilski” in the district of Nadezhda, city of Sofia.

ETEM has contributed by providing a 5-chamber PVC profile systems Q72 of class “A” with aluminium cap. The system has excellent quality and reliability, it is distinctive with the characteristics of thermal conductivity and sound insulation. The stabilizers on calcium and zinc base, used in the production of profiles, make the system harmless for the environment, improve the stability of the outer layer of the profile and guarantee full recycling process. It is offered in various imitations of wood, RAL colors, and in combination with aluminum caps.

“We are proud that we are part of this unique and innovative project, which will become the home of champions”, the company stated, and then added that they are happy to continue supporting such noble endeavors.

According to a quote of the building designer, Architect Rumen Parvanov, 12 colored shipping containers have been used, out of which a total of 8 apartments have been built. The project has been realized entirely in compliance with the requirements for environment accessible to people with disabilities, and one of the apartments is designated in full for people with disabilities.

The development of buildings out of shipping containers is innovative for Bulgaria, and the idea originates from the irregular commercial balance between China and Europe. Many of the containers coming in from China spend years in the depots in ports, because returning them is more costly.
The homes built out of the huge colored boxes are not inferior to the standard homes in any way. They have very high energy efficiency, they are not affected by atmospheric conditions, and their price is low. According to experts, the demand for buildings made of containers shall increase, because except for cheap, they will also be mobile, and sustainable to earthquakes.

The actual implementation of the project is performed by the leading design company “Pam Consult”, and it has planned the development of kindergartens, nursing homes, low-cost hotels, bungalows, bazaars, office buildings, etc. using the very same technology.

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